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Summer Surprise
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July is my favorite month of the year, especially now that we live up in Canada. By the time July rolls around we can pretty safely expect some nice warm weather. The days are extra long so we can enjoy every ray of sunshine. The flowers are in full bloom and the neon yellow canola fields are gorgeous. We always make lots of homemade ice cream and enjoy cookouts with friends. But even though July is just wonderful in and of itself, this July will be extra special because we will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby McCulley the 2nd. Yep, that's right we are 10 weeks pregnant with a due date of July 14th!

Everything is looking good at this point. Up til now we've been on a roller coaster of sorts due to some reoccurring bleeding and the presence of a hematoma (sac of blood) adjacent to the gestational sac. But today after 5 or so weeks of "taking it easy" I had a 3rd sonogram that showed a happy, growing baby and only traces of blood so the hematoma is more or less gone. Praise the Lord!

Now we are just trying to get through all my afternoon/evening sickness. JIm has been Mr. Mom these days, taking excellent care of both Addison and I. Hopefully before too long I will be back up to par.

So, while we will have lots of reasons to enjoy these many winter months ahead, we are definitely looking forward to our little Summer Surprise!
A Celebration of 7
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Yesterday Jim and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. It was a special day and a time to remember the many ways the Lord has blessed our marriage over the years. Jim had a few surprises up his sleeve including some gifts and a fabulous double layer chocolate cake that he ordered from some friends of ours that have a cake baking business. Also as a gift to each other we decided to replace the prints in our wall easel with some of Jim's photography. I love how it turned out!

Things That Shouldn't Be Hard But They Are!
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Getting to bed at a decent hour
Getting motivated to do my hair
Helping with high school math & science homework
Drinking enough water each day
Clipping a toddler's fingernails
Keeping the fridge clean
Washing my sheets weekly
Getting the seeds out of a pomegranate
Brushing Bandit
Shopping for dads and brothers for Christmas
Folding fitted sheets
Remembering to back up my computer
Keeping Addison out of our closet
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The McCulleys
Married in 2000, we are proud parents of Addison, Ayden & Emryn. Originally from Texas, we moved to Canada for five years of mission service and have now made Denver our home.

When JD isn't hanging out with his awesome family, he keeps busy with nerdy web stuff and photography. Les feels privileged to be a stay at home mom ~ a very rewarding & entertaining way to spend each day!

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