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Emryn {3 months}
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I honestly can't believe Emryn is already 3 months old (as of the 13th). Each day with her is more and more fun. Let's see...what all has she been up to? Well, her smiles are now sometimes joined by giggles. She sure knows how to capture the spotlight! When Emryn gets going with her laughs, the rest of us crowd around her to soak them up.

She's also starting to show interested in toys. Of course, her main goal at this point is to get them into her mouth, but it's been fun to see her interact with whatever she can get her hands on. Oh and another cute discovery ~ her toes!

Since her 2 month post, Em has been sleeping through the night like a pro. I attribute it largely to Baby Wise which we've used to train all three of our kiddos. Primarily we've utilized it as a guideline to get our babies on a flexible sleeping, eating and wake time schedule. If you're not familiar with Baby Wise and would like to know more about it, this detailed post written by another Baby Wise mom pretty well parallels my experience and thoughts on the subject. Each family is different, and I'm not naive enough to think that parenting is a one size fits all. But I can certainly say that this approach has worked beautifully for us as well as many of our friends. Okay, so that's enough of the unsolicited parenting advice. Moving on...

If I had to use one word to describe Emryn at this point, it would be "pleasant." She is such an easy going baby. She's quick to smile and generally quite content. I'm looking forward to seeing more details of her personality as time goes on.

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When JD isn't hanging out with his awesome family, he keeps busy with nerdy web stuff and photography. Les feels privileged to be a stay at home mom ~ a very rewarding & entertaining way to spend each day!

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